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What can we find out about life in Istanbul?

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A cross-curricular geography project for children in Key Stage 2

Our project about Istanbul is a great scheme of work for Key Stage 2 geography. It can be used in Years 3-5 with adaptations to the needs of the particular class.

This project comes complete with:


• detailed planning

• lots of support for teachers - PowerPoint presentations, resource sheets, marking stickers (a sample PowerPoint is attached)

• photos to use in the classroom

• cross-curricular links

The Istanbul website and subscription service is provided by Effective Marking Ltd. Company Number: 08832216

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Everything is provided electronically to enable teachers to make relevant adaptations for the children in their classes.



“The school is at the forefront of curriculum innovation through the creative and extensive links … topics such as ‘Life in Istanbul’.”

Mandeville Primary School Ofsted Report 2010



“A wide range of imaginative and attractively presented materials enable pupils to learn about the world from various perspectives, for example the experience of being a refugee, or living in Turkey.”

London Fields Primary School Ofsted Report 2011


“The rich memorable curriculum meets the interests and aptitudes of the pupils exceptionally well, promoting equality and tackling discrimination.”

Woodberry Down Ofsted Report 2012



“Topics are well chosen to appeal to pupils, for example work on Istanbul reflects the Turkish background of many pupils.”

Whitmore Primary School Ofsted Report 2013

MS L9 Identify different types of transport on a m MS L9 Land use around the Blue Mosque MS L9 Land use around the Blue Mosque TARGET MSL1 Identify the locations of some Turkish cities MSL5 Ships and boats on the Bosphorus and Golden H MSL5 Similarities and differences between the Bosp